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Add uv_tty_t size to benchmark-sizes

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piscisaureus committed Sep 28, 2011
1 parent 9b5dfd1 commit 1d3b880e2f33eb81ba04edab85f0e30fcb17007c
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  1. +1 −0 test/benchmark-sizes.c
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ BENCHMARK_IMPL(sizes) {
LOGF("uv_connect_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_connect_t));
LOGF("uv_tcp_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_tcp_t));
LOGF("uv_pipe_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_pipe_t));
LOGF("uv_tty_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_tty_t));
LOGF("uv_prepare_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_prepare_t));
LOGF("uv_check_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_check_t));
LOGF("uv_idle_t: %u bytes\n", (unsigned int) sizeof(uv_idle_t));

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