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For GCC (including MinGW) there are two methods building: via normal
makefiles or via GYP. GYP is a meta-build system which can generate MSVS,
Makefile, and XCode backends. It is best used for integration into other
-projects. The old (more stable) system is using Makefiles.
+projects. The old system is using plain GNU Makefiles.
To build via Makefile simply execute:
@@ -69,15 +69,22 @@ related files.
Windows users can also build from cmd-line using msbuild. This is
done by running vcbuild.bat from Visual Studio command prompt.
-To have GYP generate build script for another system you will need to
-checkout GYP into the project tree manually:
+To have GYP generate build script for another system, make sure that
+you have Python 2.6 or 2.7 installed, then checkout GYP into the
+project tree manually:
+ mkdir -p build
svn co build/gyp
+ mkdir -p build
+ git clone build/gyp
Unix users run
./gyp_uv -f make
- make
+ make -C out
Macintosh users run

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