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include: add note about SIGRT0 and SIGRT1 on linux

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commit 546387fc47fc0a789eeec97b7f71bcf0c00a7108 1 parent 92a19a1
@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis authored
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  1. +5 −0 include/uv.h
5 include/uv.h
@@ -1666,6 +1666,11 @@ UV_EXTERN int uv_fs_poll_stop(uv_fs_poll_t* handle);
* ultra efficient so don't go creating a million event loops with a million
* signal watchers.
+ * Note to Linux users: SIGRT0 and SIGRT1 (signals 32 and 33) are used by the
+ * NPTL pthreads library to manage threads. Installing watchers for those
+ * signals will lead to unpredictable behavior and is strongly discouraged.
+ * Future versions of libuv may simply reject them.
+ *
* Some signal support is available on Windows:
* SIGINT is normally delivered when the user presses CTRL+C. However, like
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