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Move private headers into include/uv-private

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ry committed Aug 31, 2011
1 parent 1408ac4 commit b47c474cfd62eaf0030e069c160b363a2cb8ec2a
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ ifdef MSVC
uname_S := MINGW

CPPFLAGS += -Iinclude
CPPFLAGS += -Iinclude -Iinclude/uv-private

CARES_OBJS += src/ares/ares__close_sockets.o
@@ -89,16 +89,16 @@ uv.a: src/uv-unix.o src/unix/fs.o src/uv-common.o src/uv-platform.o src/unix/ev/
$(AR) rcs uv.a src/uv-unix.o src/unix/fs.o src/uv-platform.o src/uv-common.o src/unix/uv-eio.o src/unix/ev/ev.o \
src/unix/eio/eio.o $(CARES_OBJS)

src/uv-platform.o: src/unix/$(UV_OS_FILE) include/uv.h include/uv-unix.h
src/uv-platform.o: src/unix/$(UV_OS_FILE) include/uv.h include/uv-private/uv-unix.h
$(CC) $(CSTDFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) -c src/unix/$(UV_OS_FILE) -o src/uv-platform.o

src/uv-unix.o: src/uv-unix.c include/uv.h include/uv-unix.h src/unix/internal.h
src/uv-unix.o: src/uv-unix.c include/uv.h include/uv-private/uv-unix.h src/unix/internal.h
$(CC) $(CSTDFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) -Isrc $(CFLAGS) -c src/uv-unix.c -o src/uv-unix.o

src/unix/fs.o: src/unix/fs.c include/uv.h include/uv-unix.h src/unix/internal.h
src/unix/fs.o: src/unix/fs.c include/uv.h include/uv-private/uv-unix.h src/unix/internal.h
$(CC) $(CSTDFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) -Isrc/ $(CFLAGS) -c src/unix/fs.c -o src/unix/fs.o

src/uv-common.o: src/uv-common.c include/uv.h include/uv-unix.h
src/uv-common.o: src/uv-common.c include/uv.h include/uv-private/uv-unix.h
$(CC) $(CSTDFLAG) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) -c src/uv-common.c -o src/uv-common.o

src/unix/ev/ev.o: src/unix/ev/ev.c
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
@@ -67,9 +67,9 @@ typedef struct uv_fs_s uv_fs_t;
typedef struct uv_work_s uv_work_t;

#if defined(__unix__) || defined(__POSIX__) || defined(__APPLE__)
# include "uv-unix.h"
# include "uv-private/uv-unix.h"
# include "uv-win.h"
# include "uv-private/uv-win.h"

13 uv.gyp
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
'type': '<(library)',
'include_dirs': [
'direct_dependent_settings': {
@@ -94,8 +95,8 @@
'sources': [
@@ -136,10 +137,10 @@
'sources': [

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