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Remove incorrect documentation comment.

The callback for uv_close does not have a status parameter.
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waywardmonkeys authored and bnoordhuis committed Dec 1, 2011
1 parent b684deb commit c69ccfabc21a2032c40e97f08412f78bd03bbb53
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  1. +0 −1 include/uv.h
@@ -226,7 +226,6 @@ UV_EXTERN int64_t uv_now(uv_loop_t*);
* The status parameter is 0 if the request completed successfully,
* and should be -1 if the request was cancelled or failed.
* For uv_close_cb, -1 means that the handle was closed due to an error.
* Error details can be obtained by calling uv_last_error().
* In the case of uv_read_cb the uv_buf_t returned should be freed by the

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