uv_uptime broken on Windows #375

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saghul commented Apr 11, 2012

After 442aa1f it no longer works. I tested it on a Windows 7 (32bit) machine using MinGW.

This is the output I'm getting, though it's not very meaningful :-S When running inside GDB it doesn't report anything either.

saghul@win7dev /c/Users/saghul/src/libuv/test
$ ./run-tests.exe platform_output
`platform_output` failed: exit code -1073741819
Output from process `platform_output`:
uv_get_process_title: MINGW32:/c/Users/saghul/src/libuv/test
uv_resident_set_memory: 2052096

Reverting that commit fixed it.


Works for me (using msvc 2010, Windows 7 enterprise)

saghul commented Apr 12, 2012

@piscisaureus It works! You're the man! :-)


Ok, a slightly modified version of this patch was landed in 9984d15.

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