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unix: improve async throughput #667

bnoordhuis opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Preliminary work here: bnoordhuis/libuv@495ac83...d7f273a

Quoting the commit log:

Sometimes improves performance by a substantial margin (async_pummel_[12]) but unfortunately
regresses async2 and async_pummel_8.

Benchmark numbers, higher is better:

                HEAD~2    HEAD~1    HEAD
async1          92,403    89,284    95,232
async1          93,325    88,715    98,610
async1          93,467    89,509    97,823

async2          128,070  126,377    93,293
async2          135,520  105,071    93,227
async2          137,828  143,562    93,502

async4          198,192  200,984    221,910
async4          199,347  198,864    224,752
async4          200,839  203,165    224,204

async8          106,850  108,500    108,629
async8          108,112  108,449    110,243
async8          108,593  108,433    108,961

async_pummel_1  467,278  550,532  1,515,974
async_pummel_1  472,080  507,830  1,519,934
async_pummel_1  475,117  542,153  1,487,933

async_pummel_2  452,631  459,222  1,169,264
async_pummel_2  463,484  191,564    996,789
async_pummel_2  469,932  192,780  1,096,375

async_pummel_4  198,106  277,783    609,135
async_pummel_4  425,196  165,933    505,209
async_pummel_4  550,310  344,396    317,331

async_pummel_8  280,258  273,188    281,671
async_pummel_8  326,921  275,581    263,683
async_pummel_8  335,018  269,845    270,633

Needs further investigation.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis was assigned

Forgot to mention that HEAD~1 and HEAD show clear improvement on the million_async benchmark. Before:

million_async: 12,682,736 async events in 5.0 seconds (2,536,547/s)


million_async: 15,959,391 async events in 5.0 seconds (3,191,878/s)

I think we should try reworking my write-ptr patch instead, shared structure under lock has a big price to pay in case of big concurrency (i.e. 24 threads or more).


I use async to communicate between multiple loops on different threads.


Indeed that's what everyone is using it for.


@bnoordhuis I've runned million-async benchmark on my branch today, looks it's 2x slower than current master. Go ahead with your thing, then :)


Why not use a pipe instead? There used to be a way to do it automatically in libuv long time ago IIRC.


@saghul because when you have millions of async handles, walking through them every time is starting to take a lot of time... Actually, you don't need millions of handles for this - 300-400 is already enough to feel the performance regression.


I have one async for every Loop. Once the async is called, it goes through a lockless queue, tries to deque all callbacks until there no one left and executes them in the same thread that the loop exists. 24 loops = 24 asyncs.
I also used this async to implement uv_run_nowait (async_send before running run_once) and Ref and Unref on the Loop (they simply count the refs and unrefs and call Unref or Ref on the async instance, quite handy for integrating libuv into C# await/async/context paradigm).


@txdv I see. We do have a nowait run now ;-) I also thought the problem was with the number of asyncs per loop, not the total number of them.


FWIW, b04fc33 speeds up the async handle benchmarks by 10-330% (not a typo) on Linux so it's a less pressing issue now - for Linux, anyway.


Close this please, the commit is in mainline.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis removed their assignment
@saghul saghul closed this
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