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saghul commented Apr 11, 2012

This PR updates c-ares to version 1.7.6-dev (current master at 41f8ff5). Diff looks bigger than it really is, quite some cosmetic changes were made upstream. This version also has support for NAPTR queries, which I particularly enjoy, and some other bugfixes.

All the changes that libuv used to apply to c-ares are also there.

When reviewing, please do check the changes on the platform headers, now SIZEOF_SHORT and CARES_SIZEOF_LONG need to be defined, hopefully I got them right.

I did test this code (all ares_gethost_, ares_getaddr_ and query functions) on Windows (7, 32bits) and Darwin and I'll check Linux later today, but I don't have access to other BSD flavors nor SunOS, sorry!


saghul commented Apr 28, 2012

c-ares 1.8.0 was just tagged (c-ares/c-ares@f037316) I'll update this pull-request in the upcoming days.


saghul commented Apr 30, 2012

@bnoordhuis I see you have also been working on this in one of your branches, should I just close this?


bnoordhuis commented Apr 30, 2012

Sorry, yes - that's probably best. I'll close it. There are some libuv-specific modifications to the c-ares source tree that are tricky to get right.

bnoordhuis closed this Apr 30, 2012

saghul deleted the unknown repository branch Sep 11, 2014

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