WIP Make IPV6ONLY the default behaviour on systems supporting dual stack. #652

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txdv commented Dec 12, 2012

Instead of UV_UDP_IPV6ONLY we have now UV_UDP_DUALSTACK, which will try to turn
on the dual stack behaviour.

txdv added some commits Dec 12, 2012
@txdv txdv Make UV_UDP_IPV6ONLY the default behaviour on systems supporting dual…
… stack.

Only if the system doesn't support dual stack and the UV_UDP_DUALSTACK
flag is set, it will through an error.
@txdv txdv Add windows support for UV_UDP_DUALSTACK. abeb3db

What is the motivation for this change? Most platforms are dual stack by default.

txdv commented Dec 13, 2012

Except the platforms which don't support dualstack.
So I have a different behaviour of uv_udp_bind6(handle, addr, 0) on platforms which support it and on platforms which don't support it (on one it will be dualstack, on the other it will be only ipv6).


@piscisaureus Opinions?

@txdv txdv referenced this pull request Dec 18, 2012

dualstack for tcp #635

@txdv txdv closed this Oct 27, 2013
@txdv txdv deleted the unknown repository branch Jun 27, 2014
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