unix: Reset errno when using sendfile emulation #670

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Here is a case I ran into while testing uv_cancel and fs operations: when a fs request is cancelled req->result will not be set and thus it will have the initial value, that is, 0. So, (please correct me if I'm wrong), the proper way to see if a request failed would be to see if req->errorno is != 0.

Then, when sendfile is used, if it fails but the emulation succeeds req->errorno will be set to ENOTSOCK for example, even if the request succeeded.

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Thanks Saúl, landed in 9614d51.

Saúl, on a completely unrelated note: can I ask you to git config --global user.name so I don't have to git commit --amend --author="..." your patches?

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis closed this Dec 28, 2012
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Thanks Ben, I'll change my global git username, no problem :-)

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