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Serverspec tests used to validate lx-brand images
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LICENSE Updated README based on recent restructuring Mar 16, 2015


These are the Serverspec tests used to validate lx-brand images.

These tests are are based on Serverspec "").

Installation and Setup

To run the tests you will need ruby (1.9.3+ or 2.0.0 should work) and rubygems installed.

Install serverspec with:

gem install serverspec

Copy the properties_example.yml file to properties.yml

Modify properties.yml with the name and properties you want to test.

Next, edit your ~/.ssh/config file with the host information of the virtual machines you want to test. The name you chose for Host in ~/.ssh/config should match what you have in properties.yml.

For example, here's a properties.yml file:

    - common
    - centos

And an example ~/.ssh/config file:

Host centos-6
  User root

Running the tests

To run the tests, run the following command (within this directory):

rake serverspec

or just


More information on how to create serverspec tests can be found here:

There's a list of useful Resource Types here that you can use for testing:

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