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Mesos + Marathon on Triton

This is a Docker Compose file and shell script that will deploy a Mesos with Marathon environment that can run Mesos and Marathon tasks.

Prep your environment

  1. Get a Joyent account and add your SSH key.
  2. Install and the Docker Engine (including docker and docker-compose) on your laptop or other environment, along with the Joyent CloudAPI CLI tools (including the smartdc and json tools).
  3. Configure your Docker CLI and Compose for use with Joyent:
curl -O && chmod +x
 ./ -k <ACCOUNT> ~/.ssh/<PRIVATE_KEY_FILE>


  1. Clone or download this repo
  2. cd into the cloned or downloaded directory
  3. Execute bash to start everything up
  4. The Mesos and Marathon dashboards should automatically open in your browser, or follow the links output by the script above
  5. The script offers some next steps, including setting environment variables and registering some sample tasks in Marathon. Follow those instructions to start a trivial Nginx example, or a compose Couchbase cluster and client application.

Next steps

  • Create your own Mesos+Marathon tasks
  • Try a different Mesos framework
  • Take over the world
  • Profit


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