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The drone that tests node remotely

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The drone in the node-remote-tester hive.


On the drone:

  1. Create an SSL key and cert, and put them in ssl/server.{key,crt}. (Alternatively, edit the config.js to specify their location.)
  2. Start the drone server.

On the hub:

  1. git remote add drone https://droneserver:1337/node
  2. GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 git push --all drone
  3. curl -X POST -d <commit-ish> https://droneserver:1337/test

The output from the checkout and test will stream to the client.


  1. We should be able to use this for libuv as well.

  2. It'd be nice to skip the clean step sometimes, or maybe only run it if a build fails or something. It's a bit slow otherwise.

  3. It'd be good if it removed the checkout folder when the git actions fail, but removing the whole checkout on test failure is too extreme.

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