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all tools accept a --debug field, but do nothing with it #53

ryancnelson opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Ryan Nelson David Pacheco
Ryan Nelson

In trying to educate people on how to use the REST API, it's often helpful to "do the same thing" using the node-smartdc tools, and examine the POST payloads, for example.

I often do this by setting my SDC_URL to something like http://localhost:6666 , and then "catching" that request with "nc -l 6666" ... that's an ugly hack, though.

Could we get the equivalent of the debugging info you'd get from something like "curl -vvv" , so people could use the sdc-* commands, and see the REST traffic they generate? Right now, the --debug flag does nothing, it seems.

David Pacheco

Most of the tools take a -v flag that emits verbose Bunyan output to stderr. Is that what you're looking for here? Not sure about the debug flag but that sounds like a separate issue.

Ryan Nelson

Specifically, I wanted to see the POST payload.
for both sdc-createmachine and sdc-updatemachinemetadata , when using "-v", I see nothing on stderr.

I do get the output from the HTTP response on stdin, though, whether or not I use "-v". I want to observe the request, though.

tested with
sdc-updatemachinemetadata -v --metadata foo=baz 2d762ccf-a427-47cb-8947-a2c48b530d46
sdc-createmachine -v --dataset df81f45e-8f9f-11e3-a819-93fab527c81e --package g3-standard-0.25-smartos

$ sdc-updatemachinemetadata --version true
smartdc 7.2.1
$ sdc-createmachine --version true
smartdc 7.2.1

David Pacheco
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