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Stackvis is a JavaScript library for visualizing call stacks. For an example
of the kind of data we're talking about, see:
-but this was not generated using this library. This is based heavily on
-Brendan Gregg's work on
+This library is based heavily on Brendan Gregg's
+[FlameGraph]( tools.
The intended workflow is:
- collect data (currently using DTrace, but support for other tools can be added too)
- parse data into an intermediate format that allows for relatively simple
- emit visualizations for given representations.
+## TODO
+- Flesh out this README with descriptions of commands and modules.
+- See about dealing with multiple "silos" of a single flame graph that are
+ essentially the same, but differ in exactly one frame.
+- Experiment with flame graph coloring. Current options include random,
+ gradient, and time-based. Another possibility is to use hue to denote the
+ module and saturation to denote the size of a frame relative to others at the
+ same level of depth.
+- Tweak saturation for the existing time-based coloring: currently, the
+ saturation is determined by looking at (nsamples in frame) / (total samples),
+ but it would be better if it were (nsamples in frame) / (nsamples in row), as
+ this would cause different entries in the same row to stand out better.
+- Experiment with more interactive visualizations, such as:

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