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added test for Issue #214

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commit 0ed3532699fb67c5054c7732c2ab2371abdf3eb0 1 parent 65f2e72
@beanieboi beanieboi authored ry committed
BIN  test/fixtures/sample.png
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11 test/simple/test-crypto.js
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ try {
var fs = require('fs');
var sys = require('sys');
+var path = require('path');
// Test Certificates
var caPem = fs.readFileSync(common.fixturesDir+"/test_ca.pem", 'ascii');
@@ -39,6 +40,16 @@ var h1 = crypto.createHash("sha1").update("Test123").digest("hex");
var h2 = crypto.createHash("sha1").update("Test").update("123").digest("hex");
assert.equal(h1, h2, "multipled updates");
+// Test hashing for binary files
+fn = path.join(common.fixturesDir, 'sample.png');
+var sha1Hash = crypto.createHash('sha1');
+var fileStream = fs.createReadStream(fn);
+fileStream.addListener('data', function(data){
+ sha1Hash.update(data);
+fileStream.addListener('close', function(){
+ assert.equal(sha1Hash.digest('hex'), '22723e553129a336ad96e10f6aecdf0f45e4149e', 'Test SHA1 of sample.png');
// Test signing and verifying
var s1 = crypto.createSign("RSA-SHA1").update("Test123").sign(keyPem, "base64");
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