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Fix TJ's assert error

Unable to reproduce but connect's "make test TESTS=test/static.test.js" does
it occasionally.
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commit 70dd6d4ea369ccbfd6e573d9a42b5144dc23b4b3 1 parent a55a9ff
@ry ry authored
Showing with 5 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +5 −1 lib/http.js
6 lib/http.js
@@ -1089,7 +1089,11 @@ function connectionListener(socket) {
// When we're finished writing the response, check if this is the last
// respose, if so destroy the socket.
res.on('finish', function() {
- assert(incoming[0] === req);
+ // Usually the first incoming element should be our request. it may
+ // be that in the case abortIncoming() was called that the incoming
+ // array will be empty.
+ assert(incoming.length == 0 || incoming[0] === req);
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