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Updating todo.WIN32

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@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@
- Child processes
Should not be too hard using CreatePipe, CreateProcessW and GetExitCodeProcess.
- When customFds are specified, should we support hooking up to a socket fd?
+ Hooking up the child to a socket is tricky but it can be done (
+ Waiting for the child to exit is tricky, probably would require a wait thread to wait for the child, then ev_async notify.
How can we distinguish between the exit code and exception number after calling GetExitCodeProcess?
- Stdio (make TTY's / repl / readline work)
@@ -54,13 +55,15 @@
- Support using shared libs (libeio, v8, c-ares)
Need to link with with a stub library. Libraries should use `dllexport`, headers must have `dllimport`.
-- V8: push MING32 build fixes upstream
+- V8: push MINGW32 build fixes upstream
- Work with the V8 team to get the stack corruption bug fixed
- Work around missing pread/pwrite more elegantly
Currently it's exported from libeio, while it wasn't intended to be exported.
The libeio workaround implementation sucks, it uses a global mutex.
+ It should be possible to implement pread and pwrite using winapi's ReadFile/Writefile
+ directly, passing an OVERLAPPED structure while not associating with an completion port.
- Work around missing inet_pton/inet_ntop more elegantly
Currently it's exported from from c-ares, while it wasn't intended to be exported.
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