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Update libev's clock when starting timers

Make the timeouts more accurate. See test/pummel/test-timers.js
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commit ec0266a56cca10c5faa92c54baf2d3bb447ece65 1 parent b72ffc0
@ry ry authored
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5 src/
@@ -120,6 +120,11 @@ Timer::Start (const Arguments& args)
ev_tstamp repeat = NODE_V8_UNIXTIME(args[1]);
ev_timer_init(&timer->watcher_, Timer::OnTimeout, after, repeat);
timer-> = timer;
+ // Update the event loop time. Need to call this because processing JS can
+ // take non-negligible amounts of time.
+ ev_now_update(EV_DEFAULT_UC);
ev_timer_start(EV_DEFAULT_UC_ &timer->watcher_);
if (!was_active) timer->Ref();
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