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tag: v0.1.101
Commits on Jul 17, 2010
  1. ry

    bump version

    ry authored
  2. ry
Commits on Jul 16, 2010
  1. Marco Rogers ry

    Fix console formatter to recognize json properly

    polotek authored ry committed
  2. ry

    Upgrade V8 to 2.3.0

    ry authored
  3. ry

    added env to child_process.exec

    Сергей Крыжановский authored ry committed
Commits on Jul 15, 2010
  1. Matt Ranney ry

    Fix unix dgram socket address resolution on Linux.

    mranney authored ry committed
  2. ry
  3. ry

    More instanceof Array fixes

    ry authored
  4. ry

    Update TODO

    ry authored
  5. ry

    Fix test-executable-path.js

    ry authored
    Now that process.version doesn't say if the build is debug or not.
  6. ry
  7. ry

    Adjust tests for error reporting on JSON.parse(undefined)

    ry authored
    The V8 upgrade changed the stacktrace reports (?)
  8. ry
  9. ry
  10. ry

    Add TODO list

    ry authored
  11. ry
  12. ry
  13. ry

    Load modules in individual contexts

    ry authored
    Only one test was modified to check that this works. NEED to go through all
    tests and modify them so that
      NODE_MODULE_CONTEXTS=1 make test
  14. Matt Ranney ry

    Datagram socket refactor. Add tests and documentation.

    mranney authored ry committed
    Support setTTL() and setBroadcast() socket options.
  15. Peter Griess ry

    Buffer.copy() should liberally allow empty copies.

    pgriess authored ry committed
  16. Peter Griess ry

    Buffer('') should create a 0-length buffer

    pgriess authored ry committed
Commits on Jul 14, 2010
  1. ry

    Upgrade V8 to 2.2.24

    ry authored
  2. Paul Querna ry

    Move evals to extension module.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  3. Paul Querna ry

    Move the Stat structure functions to

    pquerna authored ry committed
    from, so we can convert fs to a module.
  4. Paul Querna ry

    Move Buffer to extension model.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  5. Paul Querna ry

    Move child process to extension model.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  6. Paul Querna ry

    Move http parser to extension model.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  7. Paul Querna ry

    Move signal_watcher to extension model.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  8. Paul Querna ry

    Move cares to extension model

    pquerna authored ry committed
  9. Paul Querna ry

    Move stdio to extension model.

    pquerna authored ry committed
  10. Paul Querna ry

    Use the top level check for the bindings cache

    pquerna authored ry committed
    (rather than each potential module having its own if check)
  11. Paul Querna ry

    Register builtin extensions via a macro, rather than a manual strcmp

    pquerna authored ry committed
    Set the stage for making the builtin modules more dynamic.
    Note: this only converts crypto and net, I will add more extensions in a
    later commit.
    * node.h: Add utility macro for converting macro values to strings.
    * node.h: Include the actual module name inside the module structure, not
      just the file it was built from.
    * node.h: New Macro, NODE_MODULE_DECL, for declaring an external reference
      to a module structure.
    * New File, implements get_builtin_module, which
      iterates over the module structures that are compiled into node.
    * Use the new module lookup function to find
    * node_{net,crypto}.c: Add NODE_MODULEs to generate the module structure.
  12. isaacs ry

    Use execPath for default NODE_PATH, not installPrefix

    isaacs authored ry committed
  13. Jérémy Lal ry

    Update ronnjs (fix rendering of html self-closing tags)

    kapouer authored ry committed
  14. ry

    Update README, remove ref to Ronn

    ry authored
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