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Tag: v0.6.5
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
  1. @seebees @koichik

    OutgoingMessage.prototype.write does not take Array

    seebees authored koichik committed
    Changed the type checking for OutgoingMessage.prototype.write so it only accepts string and Buffer.
    And test.
    Fixes #2162
    Fixes #2208
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
  1. @seebees @bnoordhuis

    test for REPL .save and .load and documentation updates

    seebees authored bnoordhuis committed
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
  1. @seebees @ry

    .load, .save and local scope tab completion

    seebees authored ry committed
    Fixes #2063.
    Reset the line cache
    REPLServer.prototype.memory (don't know if I like that name, called from finish)
    pushes what cmd's have been executed against it into this.lines
    pushes the "tab depth" for bufferedCommands, in this.lines.level
    Uses "tab depth" from this.lines.level to adjust the prompt to visually
    denote this depth e.g.
    > asdf = function () {
    … var inner = {
    ….. one:1
    Now notices if there is a bufferedCommand and attempts determine locally
    scoped variables by removing any functions from this.lines and evaling these
    lines in a nested REPL e.g.
    > asdf = function () {
    … var inner = { one: 1};
    … inn\t
    will complete to 'inner' and inner.o\t will complete to ''
    If the nested REPL still has a bufferedCommand it will falls back to the
    ArrayStream is a helper class for the nested REPL to get commands pushed to it.
    new REPLServer('', new ArrayStream());
    Finally added two new REPL commands .save and .load, each takes 1 parameter,
    a file and attempts to save or load the file to or from the REPL
  2. @seebees @ry

    Tab Compete test for node REPL

    seebees authored ry committed
    Currently the REPL only tab completes for globally scoped variables
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
  1. @seebees @koichik


    seebees authored koichik committed
  2. @seebees @koichik

    Documentation update

    seebees authored koichik committed
      note options now align with url.parse
      added note that hostname is preferred over host.
      added auth
      added not that setting an explicit Authorization header will override basic authentication with 'auth'
      Made a link to http.request and noted that all http.request options are valid.
      added path option
  3. @seebees @koichik

    remove auth from host

    seebees authored koichik committed
    Fixes #1626
  4. @seebees @koichik


    seebees authored koichik committed
    protocols object to store defaults for http and https, and use as a switch for supported protocols.
    options.hostname > > 'localhost'
    if I have an options.auth element and I do not have an Authorization header, I do basic auth.
    http.request collapses to new ClientRequest since the defaults are handled by the protocol object
    Fixes #1390
  5. @seebees @koichik

    url.resolveObject(url.parse(x), y) == url.parse(url.resolve(x, y));

    seebees authored koichik committed
    added a .path property = .pathname + .search for use with http.request
    And tests to verify everything.
    With the tests, I changed over to deepEqual, and I would note the comment on the test
    ['.//g', 'f:/a', 'f://g'], which I think is a fundamental problem
    This supersedes pull 1596
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