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longjmp() in threadpool causes infinite hang on OS X #1362

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Konstantin Käfer Ben Noordhuis David Dias Trevor Norris
Konstantin Käfer

A C addon that uses setjmp()/longjmp() in a libeio threadpool thread causes child_process.exec to go into an infinite hang. I reduced the test case on When running node index.js, node won't react to any keyboard input anymore and will stay running infinitely. Only killing with -9 exits it. This seems to only happen on Mac OS X, not on any Linux system I, @yhahn and @bnoordhuis have tested.

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Ben Noordhuis

@kkkaefer, what does this program do when compiled with and without -pthread?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <setjmp.h>

static sigjmp_buf env;

static void sigsegv(int signum) {
  (void) signum;
  siglongjmp(env, 1);

int main(void) {
  volatile sig_atomic_t n = 0;
  struct sigaction sa;

  memset(&sa, 0, sizeof sa);
  sa.sa_handler = sigsegv;
  sigaction(SIGSEGV, &sa, NULL);

  if(sigsetjmp(env, 1) && n >= 10) {
    printf("Survived %d segfaults.\n", n);
    return 0;
  else {
    *(int *)NULL = 42; /* Force SIGSEGV. */
    return 1;
Konstantin Käfer

It works in both cases, with -pthread and without -pthread. It prints "Survived 10 segfaults.", then exits cleanly with status code 0.

David Dias

@kkaefer can you confirm if this is still a thing nowadays? Probably not right?

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