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Could you handle this udp error 10054 in windows? #2177

longbai opened this Issue · 4 comments

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refer socket error 10054

I am not sure this is an issue or feature. When I write a udp server, if a client is die, the error callback will raise and the socket dit not use.

So how to handle it? Ignore it in nodejs layer by refer solution or reopen in js?

Thank you.


I test again, when meet 10054, the socket would not recv, but sendto still work. I think nodejs could raise error, but do not deactive recv event on this socket.


I think it need add wagetlasterror() check in deps\win\udp.c. if lasterror is 10054, still add read pending in the socket in line 305. I do not know linux has same issue.


Should be fixed in 7244b9c.

@kraftbai Let me know if it works for you now.


Sorry, I have no gyp environment and vc, I cant test it.

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