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undefined symbol: _ZN2v811HandleScopeC1Ev #3623

oddmarthon-lende opened this Issue · 14 comments

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On FreeBSD v0.8.1 when loading compiled module.

Does this have something to do with the -fvisibility=hidden flag??


Is this while trying to require a native add-on module?


Yes, Hiredis. I don't have to require, just go into the directory and run 'node hiredis.js'


Did you compile the add-on (and node for that matter) yourself? I've seen similar errors happen when the ABI between a node release changed, and the add-on needed to be recompiled.


Yes, i compiled the v0.8.1-release branch


Ok, but then did you compile hiredis before or after compiling node?


After 'npm install hiredis' many times, also tried re-compiling node after i set deps/v8/SConstruct -fvisibility=hidden to -fvisibility = default


I'll try it myself later tonight. The error message suggests that either hiredis is compiled for the wrong node version or incompatible compilers / compiler flags were used.

nm -an /usr/local/node 

lists the symbol, pipe through c++filt shows its the v8::HandleScope::HandleScope(), constructor?.

It's lists the symbol for both v0.8 and v0.6 binaries, but only v0.8 complains...


Yes, it's HandleScope. It's most definitely exported though or we'd be drowning in bug reports by now. :-)

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis was assigned

Okay, I can reproduce it with v0.8.2-pre and a module of my own:

$ cd node-iconv
$ node-gyp configure build
<output snipped>
$ node test.js
/usr/home/bnoordhuis/src/node-iconv/build/Release/iconv.node: Undefined symbol "_ZN2v811HandleScopeC1Ev"

Taking ownership.


I have the same problem using node 0.8.1 (www/node-dev port).

I hope you can fix it soon.


This issue affects us as well. (FreeBSD with node 0.8.2 from www/node-dev)

It's currently a major block at getting our production servers on v0.8.2, looking forward to development on this issue.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis closed this issue from a commit
@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis build: fix add-on loading on freebsd
Link with -Wl,--export-dynamic, makes symbols from the node binary visible to
binary add-ons.

Fixes "undefined symbol: _ZN2v811HandleScopeC1Ev" errors when loading add-ons
on FreeBSD and likely other BSDs.

Fixes #3623.

Fixed in acbfc40. FreeBSD users, either upgrade to v0.8 HEAD or wait for the 0.8.3 release.

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