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Using REPL breaks RegExp.[$1..$9] #4088

pennig opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Matt Pennig Pavel Lang Ben Noordhuis Isaac Z. Schlueter Nathan Rajlich
Matt Pennig
$ node
> "foo".match(/(\w)/);
[ 'f',
  index: 0,
  input: 'foo' ]
> RegExp.$1

I expected 'f'. Looks like the REPL is executing its own RegExp, overwriting the previous values.

Pavel Lang

Ok, same does Google Chrome Console. This is a bug, but seriously, anybody keen on this in REPL or console?

(function(){ "foo".match(/(\w)/); console.log(RegExp.$1) })(); // works fine.

I don't know how to resolve this smart way... Fix is possible of cource, but copy of $1, $2, $3.. static vars on the walk before and after every REPL eval..

Ben Noordhuis

It's fairly simple to fix but it looks really ugly...

diff --git a/lib/repl.js b/lib/repl.js
index 361745f..fe3077c 100644
--- a/lib/repl.js
+++ b/lib/repl.js
@@ -104,9 +104,14 @@ function REPLServer(prompt, stream, eval_, useGlobal, ignoreUndefined) {

   self.useGlobal = !!useGlobal;
   self.ignoreUndefined = !!ignoreUndefined;
+  self._saved = [];

   self.eval = eval_ || function(code, context, file, cb) {
     var err, result;
+    // restore RegExp.$1 to RegExp.$9
+    /^\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)\u0000(.*)$/.test(self._saved.join('\u0000'));
     try {
       if (self.useGlobal) {
         result = vm.runInThisContext(code, file);
@@ -116,6 +121,11 @@ function REPLServer(prompt, stream, eval_, useGlobal, ignoreUndefined) {
     } catch (e) {
       err = e;
+    for (var i = 1; i <= 9; ++i) {
+      self._saved[i] = RegExp['$' + i];
+    }
     cb(err, result);

You have to use a regular expression to restore the registers because RegExp.$1 and friends are not assignable.

Isaac Z. Schlueter
Pavel Lang

Is anywhere "collection of RELP side effects?"

Nathan Rajlich

There might be some other clever ways to fix this (I'm thinking give the REPL its own RegExp object so that captures get set on that distinct one, rather than the global one). Another one might be to remove the use of RegExp in the parts that are causing the problem. I haven't really looked into the problem yet...

Pavel Lang

@TooTallNate If this will be possible +1, but I'm afraid not.

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