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Crash on XP (Perf Counters) #4462

deanm opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am building from the master branch on an xp sp3 machine w/ vs2010. It looks like recently there was support added for the windows perf counters (InitPerfCountersWin32). However, it looks like functions such as PerfStartProviderEx are only available since Vista. There is a runtime check for advapi32.dll, but not for the individual GetProcAddress calls. Easiest solution would just be to add a NULL check on the dynamic function lookups.

I could write a patch, but basically:

if (!perfctr_startProvider) return;


I guess that should be directed @sblom.



@piscisaureus piscisaureus closed this issue from a commit
@sblom sblom windows: fix perfctr crash on XP and 2003
Some performance counter related functions are not available on Windows
XP and Windows Server 2003, which caused node to call a NULL pointer.

Closes #4462
Closes #4511
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