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Support for "nodejs" executable name #4772

mkotsbak opened this Issue · 4 comments

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"node" is a bit general executable name, which caused a conflict with another executable in Debian:

Because of that, the executable is renamed to "nodejs" in Debian, Ubuntu etc. This breaks e.g. procfiles etc. that refer to "node".

A nice upstream solution to this would be to provide a wrapper for "node" called "nodejs" (either by symlink or small script/C wrapper) so that upstream installs of Node.JS also will work with "nodejs" executable. That would allow using "nodejs" instead of "node" when both upstream installs and Ubuntu installs should be supported.


This has been brought up in the past obviously. Why not just do vice-versa and install Debian's nodejs-legacy package, which is just a nodejs -> node symlink?


The binary name is "node". That won't change. Sorry.

@isaacs isaacs closed this

That is a workaround, but it is stated that no package should depend on or suggest it, and maybe it disappears later.

It is not a question about changing the name, but to add a wrapper to support nodejs too.


It might be a bit strange for either one to "step aside" from their own name, or even maintaining a whole dependency tree for a single repo.

[off topic] In my very own opinion, Arch does it right. Users just symlink their own choice.

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