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decodeStrings ignored when objectMode = true in stream.Writable #5580

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This is particularly unexpected with stream.Transform({decodeStrings: true, objectMode: true}), because in _transform(chunk, ...), chunk is sometimes a string.
Apparently objectMode trickles down into the Writable, and overrides the decodeStrings setting, but I only want it to apply to the Readable side, which is what I expected, since Writable's objectMode is undocumented.
I make it behave as expected by setting this._writableState.objectMode = false; in my Transform's constructor.

See for MWE.


@chbrown ... I know it's been a while, but is this still an issue for you. It's not clear from the sample case you provided.


@jasnell yeah kind of forgot about this issue — so I guess it really isn't one. stream.Transform is a tricky thing — double inheritance in Javascript's prototype paradigm. After reading through the node/lib/_stream_transform.js and node/lib/_stream_writable.js source, it makes sense. IIRC, my solution remains (setting this._writableState.objectMode directly), but I can see why I need to do that now.

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