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don't first convert to Buffer if setEncoding is used #5581

trevnorris opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Trevor Norris
Trevor Norris

stream_wrap automatically converts all incoming data to a Buffer after which it's passed to MakeCallback. This is an unfortunate step since the Buffer will never be used. So instead need a way to allow data manipulation to occur before it's been sent to the MakeCallback.

I've done some preliminary work on a completely generic solution that goes along with my Buffer and no SlabAllocator changes: trevnorris@af33baa

Though we may need a more generic solution than just for stream_wrap.

Trevor Norris trevnorris was assigned
Trevor Norris

Moving this to v1.0 milestone. This is not going to affect the end user's functionality, which are the changes we're wanting to get in before the v0.12 release.

Trevor Norris

Not going to bother with this.

Trevor Norris trevnorris closed this
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