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Patch for #2924: Windows installer should add installation information to registry #2948

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Related to #2924:

  • Added node.js installation path and version in the registry, under HKCU\Software\Joyent\node.js

Tested on Windows XP x86.


@piscisaureus: Can you review this?


Installed v0.8.4 on Windows 7 x64 today (up from v0.8.1 x86), and the installation went smoothly except for the PATH. The installer appeared to remove the x86 %programfiles(x86)% path but didn't add in the x64 %programfiles% path. I tried a reboot, but still had to enter the PATH manually and set it to %programfiles%\nodejs and log off/on to be able to use node and npm.


@morganestes: this patch is not part of node.js (yet?). If you have trouble with the current installer, you may find more support by reporting an issue...

@mcartoixa mcartoixa closed this
@mcartoixa mcartoixa reopened this

Thanks to @sblom, this seems to have been integrated via #4694. Closing.

@mcartoixa mcartoixa closed this

Only partially. Please keep issue #2924 open, because we're still working on figuring out the right way to let multiple versions live side by side, and we'll get more registry structure created correctly then. Meanwhile, there is a registry key being created, but it's not quite what you originally requested--i.e. it's installer-specific and doesn't include a version number yet.

@mcartoixa, I don't suppose you have time and interest to help me work on the design (and maybe even implementation) for side-by-side installations of multiple versions...

@mcartoixa mcartoixa reopened this
@mcartoixa mcartoixa closed this

@sblom As you guessed, I can afford very little time on these matters right now (and besides my WiX abilities are limited). Good luck!

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Showing with 12 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +12 −2 tools/msvs/msi/product.wxs
14 tools/msvs/msi/product.wxs
@@ -31,10 +31,9 @@
<Component Id="nodeexe" Guid="AEC0F08E-89B3-4C35-A286-8DB8598597F2">
<File Id="filenodeexe" KeyPath="yes" Source="$(var.sourcedir)\node.exe" />
<Environment Id="npm_env"
- Action="set"
+ Action="set"
- System="yes"
Value="[AppDataFolder]npm" />
<Environment Id="node_env"
@@ -54,6 +53,16 @@
<File Id="filenodepdb" KeyPath="yes" Source="$(var.sourcedir)\node.pdb" />
+ <Component Id="noderegistry" Guid="35379DFF-1437-4DE2-98D0-16483480DD44" >
+ <RegistryKey Root="HKMU" Key="Software" Action="none" >
+ <RegistryKey Key="Joyent" Action="create" >
+ <RegistryKey Key="node.js" Action="create">
+ <RegistryValue Name="Path" Type="string" Value="[NodeRoot]" KeyPath="yes" />
+ <RegistryValue Name="Version" Type="string" Value="$(var.ProductVersion)" />
+ </RegistryKey>
+ </RegistryKey>
+ </RegistryKey>
+ </Component>
<Directory Id="AppDataFolder">
@@ -79,6 +88,7 @@
<?if $(var.Configuration) = Debug ?>
<ComponentRef Id="nodepdb"/>
+ <ComponentRef Id="noderegistry"/>
<Feature Id="nodejs" Title="node.js engine" Level="1" Description="evented I/O for V8 javascript">
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