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Noting that `stream.pause` is advisory. #2989

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This should help save future users much confusion.

See some discussion on the mailing list and, as a bonus, the massive confusion I managed to cause for myself.

I'll go sign that CLA thing.

@domenic domenic Noting that `stream.pause` is advisory.
This should help save future users much confusion.

Looks pretty good, but instead of linking to the google groups discussion, can you just add some of the reasoning directly? That thread is pretty long.


Also: This will be changed in node 0.9.


I'd love to do so, but I don't really trust myself to summarize accurately, as I was just introduced to this wild world of streams and buffers within the last week or so. I can try my best (might be fun!), or maybe you or @mikeal could weigh in.

Great to hear this is getting changed before 1.0.


in 0.9 it will not be advisory, it will buffer data.

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Commits on Mar 22, 2012
  1. @domenic

    Noting that `stream.pause` is advisory.

    domenic authored
    This should help save future users much confusion.
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@@ -57,7 +57,10 @@ Makes the data event emit a string instead of a `Buffer`. `encoding` can be
### stream.pause()
-Pauses the incoming `'data'` events.
+Pauses the incoming `'data'` events. NOTE: this is only advisory; some
+`'data'` events may be emitted before the pausing can actually take place.
+See [this discussion](!topic/nodejs/yv6Dl-O-wYk)
+for more information.
### stream.resume()
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