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evented I/O for v8 javascript
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2013.12.31, Version 0.11.10 (Unstable)

* http_parser: update to 2.2

* uv: Upgrade to v0.11.17

* v8: Upgrade to

* buffer: optimize writeInt* methods (Paul Loyd)

* child_process: better error handling (Alexis Campailla)

* cluster: do not synchronously emit 'setup' event (Sam Roberts)

* cluster: restore backwards compatibility and various fixes (Sam Roberts)

* crypto: remove unnecessary OpenSSL_add_all_digests (Yorkie)

* crypto: support GCM authenticated encryption mode. (Ingmar Runge)

* dns: add resolveSoa and 'SOA' rrtype (Tuğrul Topuz)

* events: move EE c'tor guts to EventEmitter.init (Bert Belder)

* http: DELETE shouldn't default to chunked encoding (Lalit Kapoor)

* http: parse the status message in a http response. (Cam Swords)

* node: fix removing AsyncListener in callback (Vladimir Kurchatkin)

* node: follow specification, zero-fill ArrayBuffers (Trevor Norris)

* openssl: use ASM optimized routines (Fedor Indutny)

* process: allow nextTick infinite recursion (Trevor Norris)

* querystring: remove `name` from `stringify()` (Yorkie)

* timers: setImmediate v8 optimization fix (pflannery)

* tls: add serialNumber to getPeerCertificate() (Ben Noordhuis)

* tls: reintroduce socket.encrypted (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: fix handling of asterisk in SNI context (Fedor Indutny)

* util: Format negative zero as '-0' (David Chan)

* vm: fix race condition in timeout (Alexis Campailla)

* windows: fix dns lookup of localhost with ipv6 (Alexis Campailla)
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@tjfontaine tjfontaine authored
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benchmark benchmark: fixate `ciphers` in tls benchmarks
deps v8: Upgrade to
doc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10'
lib dns: add resolveSoa and 'SOA' rrtype
src 2013.12.31, Version 0.11.10 (Unstable)
test dns: add resolveSoa and 'SOA' rrtype
.gitignore build: Ignore gyp-generated files on android
.mailmap Update .mailmap and AUTHORS
BSDmakefile Tell BSD users to run `gmake` instead.
LICENSE Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10'
Makefile Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10' build: add libicu i18n support
common.gypi build: add libicu i18n support
configure build: older pythons don't support ternary if
vcbuild.bat build: add settings for VS 2013 to vcbuild.bat

Evented I/O for V8 javascript.

To build:

Prerequisites (Unix only):

* GCC 4.2 or newer
* Python 2.6 or 2.7
* GNU Make 3.81 or newer
* libexecinfo (FreeBSD and OpenBSD only)


make install

With libicu i18n support:

svn checkout --force --revision 214189 \ \
./configure --with-icu-path=deps/v8/third_party/icu46/icu.gyp
make install

If your python binary is in a non-standard location or has a non-standard name, run the following instead:

export PYTHON=/path/to/python
$PYTHON ./configure
make install

Prerequisites (Windows only):

* Python 2.6 or 2.7
* Visual Studio 2010 or 2012


vcbuild nosign

You can download pre-built binaries for various operating systems from The Windows and OS X installers will prompt you for the location to install to. The tarballs are self-contained; you can extract them to a local directory with:

tar xzf /path/to/node-<version>-<platform>-<arch>.tar.gz

Or system-wide with:

cd /usr/local && tar --strip-components 1 -xzf \

To run the tests:


make test


vcbuild test

To build the documentation:

make doc

To read the documentation:

man doc/node.1

Resources for Newcomers

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