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* [mongolia]( — Flexible wrapper for the nodejs Mongo driver. Lighter than a ORM but easier to use than the driver.
* [mongoose-nested-set]( - A mongoose plugin implementing the nested set pattern for mongoose models
* [mongoose-paginate]( — Mongoose ODM (NodeJS) Document Query Pagination.
+* [mongoose-troop]( — Various plugins for mongoose: authentication, created/modified timestamps, keyword extraction for text search, query pagination, ObjectId obfuscation, merge objects into models, generate url friendly slugs from strings and a few more.
* [Mongorito]( — Mongorito is an ODM for MongoDB. Hooks, validations, models, built-in caching. Everything you need is already there.
* [mongous]( — Mongous is a simple MongoDB driver that uses a jQuery styled syntax.
* [node-mongodb]( — Basic MongoDB client implementation in JS/C++
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