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@mightyiam mightyiam Remove link to (seems down) 52cbac9
@Dev-Dipesh Dev-Dipesh Great module for upgrading package.json from newer node versions 0bb281d
@adamhalasz adamhalasz added diet.js to frameworks 92c1fec
@liangzeng liangzeng add DDD/CQRS/Actor framework for node.js. 1d30aad
@aniknafs aniknafs Added paypal-node-sdk 93076ac
@Nicolab Nicolab Updated Modules (markdown) bdbb24e
@Nicolab Nicolab Updated Modules (markdown) 501e884
@simov simov Update express-admin description bb849de
Ashwin Hegde Adds like to a static file server fa08182
Ashwin Hegde Added a Boilerplate link for Backbone-Node.js project 7f83c04
@fantasyni fantasyni add bearcat e380bc8
@Hkey1 Hkey1 add ast-static aefbe0d
@puzrin puzrin added babelfish link c8693b5
@patrick-steele-idem patrick-steele-idem Updated Raptor Templates 8a848c7
@jaekwon jaekwon Updated Modules (markdown) cfeed05
@gaulinsoft gaulinsoft Added jTypes to Class systems. cd1dc62
@jondubois jondubois Updated Modules (markdown) 070cb53
@train255 train255 Updated Modules (markdown) 1f0c275
@ngryman ngryman added ribs project in the Graphics section. 62fd7f6
@mytharcher mytharcher Updated Modules (markdown) fa13686
@Nicolab Nicolab Updated Modules (markdown) 9e70da4
@Nicolab Nicolab Add Unit.js b25c60b
@cubettech cubettech Updated Modules (markdown) 1d69132
@mariobriggs mariobriggs Updated Modules (markdown) 7376fc7
@devcrust devcrust added dips (dependency injection framework) 7007739
@cubettech cubettech Added sleekjs 4d4fdc2
@tshemsedinov tshemsedinov Updated Modules (markdown) ceb366e
@kethinov kethinov Updated Modules (markdown) 98387a4
@kethinov kethinov adding roosevelt to the list 8f0ff1d
@JedWatson JedWatson Adding KeystoneJS to the CMS section e797cc0
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