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  • Mixu's Node book
  • Node In Action -- by Mike Cantelon, Nathan Rajlich, and TJ Holowaychuk
  • The Node Beginner Book -- A comprehensive tutorial for folks that are already proficient in other languages, but new to JavaScript and Node.js
  • サーバサイドJavaScript Node.js入門(In Japanese) -- by T Shimizu et al.


  • NodeManual (Not Operational) -- by Cloud9 IDE, a fork of the official Node.js API documentation, with a different organization, examples you can run in the browser, and additional tutorials

  • NodeBits (Not Operational) -- by Tim Caswell, a site dedicated to keeping the NodeJS spirit of innovation and creativity alive. This is done by providing a constant stream of ideas and sample projects.
  • justjs -- by Tom Boutell. A blog featuring a series of node.js tutorials, starting with the basics of installing Node and MongoDB on your own computer and building from there into creating full-fledged node apps, beginning with the blog itself.
  • NodeCloud -- by Frederic Cambus, an ordered Node.js resource directory allowing to evaluate relative popularity of a project.





Sites in other languages

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