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1 parent 03d1ae3 commit 81ab9b1a409077eae831087ca6b118914bbca889 kristerw committed Sep 14, 2012
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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ COMMENT= WIP pkgsrc packages
SUBDIR+= 389-ds-base
+SUBDIR+= Cg-compiler
SUBDIR+= Chinput
SUBDIR+= FontManager
@@ -2301,6 +2302,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-clnum
SUBDIR+= py-clonedigger
SUBDIR+= py-codepy
SUBDIR+= py-cogent
+SUBDIR+= py-colorpy
SUBDIR+= py-complexsystems
SUBDIR+= py-configobj
SUBDIR+= py-construct
@@ -2340,6 +2342,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-django-quran
SUBDIR+= py-django-tagging
SUBDIR+= py-djvulibre
SUBDIR+= py-djvusmooth
+SUBDIR+= py-dolo
SUBDIR+= py-dreampie
SUBDIR+= py-duali
SUBDIR+= py-ecspy
@@ -2397,6 +2400,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-httplib2
SUBDIR+= py-igraph
SUBDIR+= py-imgSeek
SUBDIR+= py-instant
+SUBDIR+= py-iowait
SUBDIR+= py-ipaddr
SUBDIR+= py-ipython
SUBDIR+= py-jabber-aimt
@@ -2441,6 +2445,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-magnitude
SUBDIR+= py-mark
SUBDIR+= py-mcint
SUBDIR+= py-mcview
+SUBDIR+= py-mdanalysis
SUBDIR+= py-mdp
SUBDIR+= py-memcached
SUBDIR+= py-metrics
@@ -2470,6 +2475,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-numpydoc
SUBDIR+= py-nzmath
SUBDIR+= py-oak
SUBDIR+= py-oasa
+SUBDIR+= py-oct2py
SUBDIR+= py-omniORBpy
SUBDIR+= py-ontopy
SUBDIR+= py-openopt
@@ -2538,6 +2544,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-pythics
SUBDIR+= py-pytkgen
SUBDIR+= py-pyvib2
SUBDIR+= py-qecalc
+SUBDIR+= py-qit
SUBDIR+= py-qitensor
SUBDIR+= py-qmath
SUBDIR+= py-quaternionarray
@@ -2683,6 +2690,7 @@ SUBDIR+= py-xlwt
SUBDIR+= py-xmiparser
SUBDIR+= py-xmpppy
SUBDIR+= py-xsdb
+SUBDIR+= py-yaml
SUBDIR+= py-yapgvb
SUBDIR+= py-yapps2
SUBDIR+= py-yt
@@ -2700,6 +2708,7 @@ SUBDIR+= pythontoolkit
SUBDIR+= pywm
SUBDIR+= pyzor
SUBDIR+= q3-urbanterror
+SUBDIR+= qcdloop
SUBDIR+= qcomicbook
SUBDIR+= qdevelop
SUBDIR+= qemu
@@ -2819,6 +2828,7 @@ SUBDIR+= scummvm-nightly
SUBDIR+= scx
SUBDIR+= sdd
SUBDIR+= sdict-tools
+SUBDIR+= sector-decomposition
SUBDIR+= seeks
SUBDIR+= semanticscuttle
SUBDIR+= send-pr
@@ -2960,6 +2970,7 @@ SUBDIR+= sxid
SUBDIR+= sxiv
SUBDIR+= symmetrica
SUBDIR+= symon
+SUBDIR+= sympol
SUBDIR+= sympow
SUBDIR+= syn68k
SUBDIR+= synce-dynamite

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