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Downstream repository of NetBSD/pkgsrc for Joyent package builds
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archivers libarchive: Update to 3.4.3 May 26, 2020
audio musicpd: cc1plus: warning: command line option '-std=gnu99' is valid … May 26, 2020
benchmarks benchmarks/dnsperf: re-add resperf-report to REPLACE_SH May 22, 2020
biology biology/ncbi-blast+: document possible array[char] bug May 25, 2020
bootstrap bootstrap: Consolidate setting of CC if unset. May 25, 2020
cad cad/gtkwave: allow bashisms for macOS May 23, 2020
chat Pointers and 0 are not ordered relativ to each. May 26, 2020
comms revbump after updating security/nettle May 22, 2020
converters Drop check for ancient GCC versions. Allow building with modern clang. May 24, 2020
cross cross/gcc-mips-current: allow bashisms in unused files May 23, 2020
databases py-pypika: updated to 0.37.7 May 27, 2020
devel cloc: update to 1.86. May 26, 2020
distfiles These files belong to $MASTER_SITE_LOCAL - moved them there! Dec 5, 2000
doc Updated net/py-zeroconf, databases/py-pypika May 27, 2020
editors editors/p5-Padre: remove nonexistent files from REPLACE_PERL May 25, 2020
emulators wine: updated to 4.0.4 May 26, 2020
filesystems Use unversioned icu namespace. May 26, 2020
finance python/ is not needed any more May 22, 2020
fonts Update to 0.16 May 26, 2020
games 7kaa: fix gettext ldflags May 26, 2020
geography gpsbabel: Add comment about needed libusb version May 25, 2020
graphics Needs bash. Don't force LTO. Ask compiler for OpenMP implementation. May 26, 2020
ham (ham/gnuradio-ctrlport) Add two REPLACE_PYTHON lines May 23, 2020
inputmethod inputmethod/mozc-server: document possible array[char] bug May 25, 2020
lang nodejs12: updated to 12.17.0 May 26, 2020
licenses add afl-3.0 (Academic Free License) Apr 30, 2020
mail mail/Makefile: add and enable ruby-roadie-rails May 25, 2020
math cantor: allow noop on fix-moc SUBST. May 24, 2020
mbone Fix const issues May 14, 2020
meta-pkgs bulk-medium: don't care about the wine version May 23, 2020
misc Requires more than 1h of CPU time. May 26, 2020
mk options.description: "firefox" is also no longer an option May 25, 2020
multimedia multimedia/xine-lib: remove unknown configure option May 25, 2020
net py-zeroconf: updated to 0.26.3 May 27, 2020
news revbump after updating security/nettle May 22, 2020
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more Nov 24, 1999
parallel revbump after updating security/nettle May 22, 2020
pkgtools pkgin: Update to 20.5.1. May 25, 2020
print cups-base: Fix a wrong copypasta. May 27, 2020
regress regress/plus_build_version: fix test May 24, 2020
security sshfp: fix HOMEPAGE and DEPENDS May 26, 2020
shells mark packages that fail with -Werror=char-subscripts May 20, 2020
sysutils xfce4-thunar: update to 1.8.15 May 26, 2020
templates Point at the HTML pkgsrc guide, not a plain-text human redirect. Feb 4, 2017
textproc textproc/bat: Updates to 0.15.3 May 26, 2020
time py-ciso8601: added version 2.1.3 May 23, 2020
wm wm/fvwm: remove unknown configure option May 23, 2020
www netsurf: Update to 3.10 May 25, 2020
x11 qt5-qtbase: for obscure reasons Qt5PrintSupport_QCupsPrinterSupportPl… May 26, 2020
Makefile Makefile: fix outdated documentation Feb 12, 2020 minor adjustments Jan 15, 2020
pkglocate Remove clauses 3,4 from TNF-only copyright blocks. Aug 22, 2018


pkgsrc is a framework for building software for a variety of UNIX-like systems.

It produces binary packages, which can be managed with tools such as pkgin.


To use pkgsrc on operating systems other than NetBSD, you first need to bootstrap:

cd pkgsrc/bootstrap

Note that this is only for the most simple case, using pkgsrc's defaults.

Please consult bootstrap/README and bootstrap/README.OS for detailed information about bootstrapping.

Building packages

cd pkgsrc/category/package-name
$PREFIX/bin/bmake install

Where $PREFIX is where you've chosen to install packages (typically /usr/pkg)

On NetBSD, bmake is simply the built-in make tool.

To build packages in bulk, tools such as pkgtools/pbulk and pkgtools/pkg_comp can be used.


Latest sources

To fetch the main CVS repository:

cvs -d checkout -P pkgsrc

To work in the Git mirror, which is updated every few hours from CVS:

git clone

Additional links

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