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The package includes 88 basic fonts of the Computer Modern font family
that were designed by D.E.Knuth. as well as the most usefull AMS fonts:
Euler family and symbols. Totally, 52 fonts are included into BaKoMa/AMS.
The fonts are in a ATM compatible PostScript Type 1 font format (PFB+AFM+PFM)
as well as in a TrueType font format (TTF).
This font set can be used for typesetting most of (La)TeX documents:
- printing documents on a PostScript printer
by using, for example, Rokiki's DVIPS;
- printing documents on a wide set of matrix printers
by using DVIPS and GhostScript.
- drawing slides on vector plotters by using PostScript '' program
which is supplied with the collection.
For drawing documents on HPGL plotters, the 'ps2hpgl' utility can be used.
It is available in '' host
in the '/pub/contrib/tools' directory.
- displaing documents under MS Windows by using TrueType version of
those fonts or by using PostScript version with ATM.
For this case, fonts have specific encoding. Please read the
section about font encoding before using these fonts with MS Windows.
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