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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.104 2012/08/26 10:31:39 wiz Exp $
COMMENT= Tools for use in the packages collection
SUBDIR+= autoswc
SUBDIR+= binpatch
SUBDIR+= bootstrap-extras
SUBDIR+= bootstrap-mk-files
SUBDIR+= cdpack
SUBDIR+= compat_headers
SUBDIR+= createbuildlink
SUBDIR+= dfdisk
SUBDIR+= digest
SUBDIR+= distbb
SUBDIR+= genrpm
SUBDIR+= gensolpkg
SUBDIR+= gnome-packagekit
SUBDIR+= libkver
SUBDIR+= libnbcompat
SUBDIR+= lintpkgsrc
SUBDIR+= mksandbox
SUBDIR+= mtree
SUBDIR+= nih
SUBDIR+= osabi
SUBDIR+= p5-pkgsrc-Dewey
SUBDIR+= packagekit
SUBDIR+= pbulk
SUBDIR+= pbulk-base
SUBDIR+= pkg_alternatives
SUBDIR+= pkg_chk
SUBDIR+= pkg_comp
SUBDIR+= pkg_distinst
SUBDIR+= pkg_filecheck
SUBDIR+= pkg_install
SUBDIR+= pkg_install-info
SUBDIR+= pkg_leaves
SUBDIR+= pkg_notify
SUBDIR+= pkg_online-client
SUBDIR+= pkg_online-server
SUBDIR+= pkg_p5up2date
SUBDIR+= pkg_regress
SUBDIR+= pkg_rolling-replace
SUBDIR+= pkg_select
SUBDIR+= pkg_summary-utils
SUBDIR+= pkg_tarup
SUBDIR+= pkgclean
SUBDIR+= pkgdep
SUBDIR+= pkgdepgraph
SUBDIR+= pkgdiff
SUBDIR+= pkgfind
SUBDIR+= pkgin
SUBDIR+= pkglint
SUBDIR+= pkgse
SUBDIR+= pkgsrc-todo
SUBDIR+= pkgsurvey
SUBDIR+= port2pkg
#SUBDIR+= prereq-readme # Only used by the README.html generation
SUBDIR+= rc.subr
SUBDIR+= rcorder
SUBDIR+= rdigest
SUBDIR+= revbump
SUBDIR+= rpm2pkg
SUBDIR+= shlock
SUBDIR+= tinderbox-dragonfly
SUBDIR+= url2pkg
SUBDIR+= verifypc
SUBDIR+= x11-links
SUBDIR+= xpkgwedge
.include "../mk/misc/"
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