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Jun 11, 2014
Filip Hajny mamash Provide a default config file, use standard PKG_SYSCONFDIR. 2989c8d
Filip Hajny mamash Change package file name if worker MPM is used. cf147c5
Filip Hajny mamash Add an option to generate the misc tools. 864bbdb
Filip Hajny mamash Fix the way required libs are recorded based on the ldd output.
Libraries provided by the same package that ldd wouldn't find under
DESTDIR yet match a different library provided by e.g. the platform are
no longer added to REQUIRES.
Filip Hajny mamash Add mbfl header files to package, add bl3 support for e.g. php-mailpa…
Filip Hajny mamash Add a hackish way to build php-oci8 against the Oracle Instant Client. 264f1d2
Filip Hajny mamash Add compiled-in Passenger support 362405c
Filip Hajny mamash Make top build as 32bit on SunOS/i386 223c1e2
Filip Hajny mamash Improve default config file, include it in package e2d260a
Filip Hajny mamash Make package work on Crossbow-style SunOS fe075ee
Filip Hajny mamash Fix default config file location 79d3826
Filip Hajny mamash Pick up Joyent's Sun Java on SmartOS 664b667
Filip Hajny mamash Add support for PHP 5.4 5fcdff0
Filip Hajny mamash Add support for Linux compatible lxproc on SmartOS. c83e79b
Filip Hajny mamash Make sure large file support *64 functions are not exposed into PHP f…
…unctions names
Filip Hajny mamash Mangle PKGNAME, not FILEBASE, so that pkgin lookup works properly e877bc4
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Apply our pbulk diffs.
 - Fix socket failures with limited builds.
 - Support per-build configuration file.
 - Support chroot builds.
 - Additional and alternative logging to avoid NFS issues.
 - Support full PKGPATH, primarily to support USER_ADDITIONAL_PKGS.
 - Do not recursively restrict packages.
 - pkg_summary support for compute-packages.
 - Support Manta uploads for reports.
 - Support local_bulklog
 - Generate SHA512 for all packages, not just new.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Apply our GCC diffs.
 - Add ALTERNATIVES files for lang/gcc47 and lang/gcc48.
 - Include the .o files from gcc47 in the -libs package.
 - Disable -fomit-frame-pointer, we like stack traces.
 - DATASET-953 disable full gcc47 dependency
 - Implement -fstrict-calling-conventions, from richlowe.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Make accounts NP by default. d169381
Jonathan Perkin jperkin First cut at DATASET-780, permit existing users.
There should be an option with packages to re-use an existing user or
group, even if a specific uid/gid is provided.  This commit introduces a
user variable to configure this: PKGINSTALL_IGNORE_UIDGID.

When PKGINSTALL_IGNORE_UIDGID is true then pkg_install will not try to
create the user/group as specified.  If the user/group does not exist
but the specified uid/gid is, then the uid/gid will be stripped so that
the system can allocate one at random.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Add suport for _WRAP_EXTRA_LIBS.
This allows specifying additional libraries in the output phase, and is
a special case compared to _WRAP_EXTRA_ARGS as we need to ensure that
these libaries are not applied when using Sun ld in -r mode.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Ensure we can use an external libtool for binutils. 65c8d06
Filip Hajny mamash Ignore libiconv detected, it's not actually used by Dovecot and pollu…
…tes the Dovecot makefiles.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Disable zlib so that we don't pull in platform libz. 7ec9529
Filip Hajny mamash Add support for InnoDB Memcached plugin 7e22c28
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Apply our pkgin changesets.
 - DATASET-869 avoid pkgin prompt for database create.
 - DATASET-890 Reduce RAM required by 'pkgin update'.
Filip Hajny mamash Add dependency on gcc (DATASET-877) b5cef9f
Filip Hajny mamash Re-implement DATASET-875, this time fixing dependencies on php-mysql …
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Fixes and cleanups for converters/php-mbstring. 8dddf6b
Filip Hajny mamash Fix R vs. gcc47-libs problem by fixing R_LD_LIBRARY_PATH 28216fa
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Attempted libumem workarounds. f5043bb
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Disable MMX (-fomit-frame-pointer) 9ffb9fd
Jonathan Perkin jperkin -fomit-frame-pointer workaround. 1324b08
Jonathan Perkin jperkin joyent/pkgsrc#200: Fix GCC path for 64-bit. df3a615
Jun 16, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Merge branch 'trunk' into joyent/feature/miscfix/trunk
Jun 18, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Merge branch 'trunk' into joyent/feature/miscfix/trunk dee3ebb
Jun 20, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Merge branch 'trunk' into joyent/feature/miscfix/trunk d7970c9
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Don't define PATCH_DEBUG, we want --forward. 90a8518
Jun 23, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Merge branch 'trunk' into joyent/feature/miscfix/trunk 65887e5
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Don't define PERL5_OPTIONS += threads. d23f3f6
Jun 26, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin multimedia/ffmpeg: disable all asm optimisation. a0289ce
Jun 27, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Revert "Don't define PERL5_OPTIONS += threads."
This reverts commit d23f3f6.
Jonathan Perkin jperkin lang/perl5: disable -fstack-protector again. 967117f
Jul 03, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Fix sed expression for the non-DESTDIR case. 74264ca
Jul 08, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Merge branch 'trunk' into joyent/feature/miscfix/trunk
Jonathan Perkin jperkin lang/gcc47: don't explicitly enable __cxa_atexit 9e07ac7
Jul 09, 2014
Jonathan Perkin jperkin Disable SSP in libsodium, is missing -lssp. 138e650