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Fixes many CVE's https://www.cvedetails.com/product/6825/GNU-Binutils.html?vendor_id=72

Would be grateful for a review/sanity check. For reference assuming this pull or similar can be made to upgrade trunk in time for Q4, I would also look to backport this upgrade to current LTS releases to fix the CVE's there.

@mamash mamash self-assigned this Oct 11, 2017


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stevenwilliamson Nov 14, 2017

@mamash Are there any issues with this update, are there anticipated problems with it ? Just wondering why this one is left :)

@mamash Are there any issues with this update, are there anticipated problems with it ? Just wondering why this one is left :)

jperkin pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 30, 2017

p5-GD: update to 2.67.
2.67    * fix thread-safety for GD::Simple %COLORS (#26 melak)
        * fix arc start-angle docs, RT #123277 Andrew G Gray
        * improve setBrush docs, RT #123194 Andrew G Gray
        * improve StringFT docs, RT #123193
        * replace MacOSX by darwin, and not by Mac OS X/macOS as suggested
          in PR #24
        * add GD::Image->_file method as suggested in RT #60488 by Kevin Ryde,
          also the helper GD::supportsFileType

jperkin pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 28, 2018

uriparser: update to 0.8.5.
2018-02-07 -- 0.8.5

  * Changed: The uriparser project has moved from SourceForge to GitHub:
      Code + issue tracker: https://github.com/uriparser/uriparser
      New website: https://uriparser.github.io/
      Please update any links of yours, accordingly. Thank you!
  * Fixed: Memleak in out-of-memory clean-up code
      of URI normalization, related to SF.net bug #28.
      Thanks to Chris Hills for the report!
  * Fixed: Fix compilation of uriparse(1) on FreeBSD
      Thanks to Ed Schouten for the patch!
  * Fixed: Fix C90 compilation errors
      Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the patches!
  * Fixed: Space requirements documented for uriWindowsFilenameToUriStringA
      given URI "file://server1/file1.txt" (SF.net bug #31)
      Thanks to threedyd for the report!
  * Fixed: Compiler warnings
      Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the patches!
  * Fixed: Stop exporting internal function RemoveBaseUriImpl
      Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the report!
  * Fixed: API documentation front page no longer empty with Doxygen 1.8.13
  * Fixed: "make -C doc install" fixed for lack of .map files
  * Improved: Communicate that absolutePath is always URI_FALSE for URIs
      with a host in uriparse CLI tool output and Uri.h header
      (GitHub #2, SF.net #30)
  * Soname: 1:21:0

2015-10-12 -- 0.8.4

  * Fixed: Stack overflow on parsing malformed IPv6 addresses with
      more than eigtht quads.  Thanks to Alexander Klink for the report!
  * Soname: 1:20:0

2015-10-04 -- 0.8.3

  * Fixed: uriCompareRange reported NULL pointer and range of
      length zero as equal, by mistake.
      Thanks to Robert Kausch and his Coverity report.
  * Fixed: Use-after-free in out-of-memory code of uriMakeOwner.
      Thanks to Chris Hills and his Klocwork-based report (SF.net bug #28)
  * Soname: 1:19:0

2015-04-27 -- 0.8.2

  * Fixed: Broken conversion from/to Windows network shares (SF.net bug #21)
      Thanks to Adam Gross and Dmitry Repkin!
  * Fixed: Limit uriCompareRange return values to -1/0/1 (SF.net bug #24)
      As a side effect, this fixes the test suite for AArch64.
      Thanks to Marcin Juszkiewicz for the patch!
  * Fixed: MinGW Makefile:
      LIB_DIR fixed from ../../lib leftover to ../../src (SF.net bug #27)
      Thanks to Dmytro Zagashev for the report!
  * Fixed: Add missing NULL checks to UriStringToFilename (SF.net bug #25)
      Thanks to Jerome Custodio for the report!
  * Changed: Leave inlining decisions to GCC
  * Soname: 1:18:0

2014-10-20 -- 0.8.1

  * Fixed: Sync URI_VER_* preprocessor defines (were at 0.7.6, SF.net bug #23)
  * Fixed: Bug in internal function that may flip uriEqualsUri results around
  * Added: Function uriAddBaseUriEx allowing to resolve URIs with
      a scheme identical to that of the base URI to resolve against
      as if the URI to resolve had no scheme specified, when flag
      (SF.net feature request #4)
  * Soname: 1:17:0

2014-07-12 --

  * Fixed: ISO C90 warnings (SF.net bug #20)
  * Changed: No longer ship RFC documents (to make things easier for Debian)
  * Soname: 1:16:0

2013-12-20 -- 0.8.0

  * Fixed: Resolution of relative URI "/" broken
      Thanks to Mo McRoberts for the patch!
  * Fixed: uriAddBaseUri produced uriUri objects with both host
      and the absolutePath flag set (while the absolutePath flag
      should only be true for URI objects without a host) when
      resolving absolute URIs like "/" or "/foo/bar".
      Now the absolutePath flag is set to URI_FALSE and an empty
      segment is added as necessary
  * Fixed: .errorCode could end up unset, previously
      Thanks to Radu Hociung for the patch!  (SF.net bug #16)
  * Fixed: Resolve use of non-POSIX "sed -r" used when building
     documentation  (SF.net bug #18)
     Thanks to Ryan Schmidt for reporting!
  * Fixed: Build DLL with -no-undefined on Windows
      Thanks to Michel Zou for the patch!  (SF.net bug #19)
  * Added: Command line tool "uriparse"
      Thanks to Radu Hociung for coding!  (SF.net feature request #3)
  * Soname: 1:15:0

2013-08-24 -- 0.7.9

  * Fixed: Error position ended up as NULL for some syntax errors.
      Thanks to Daniel Solano Gómez for the patch!  (SF.net bug #14)
  * Soname: 1:14:0

2013-05-13 -- 0.7.8

  * Fixed: Fix dissection of query string "q=hello&x=&y=" (SF.net bug #12)
      Thanks to Marc Novakowski for reporting!
  * Soname: 1:13:0
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