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Joyent pkgsrc wiki


This repository holds a patched copy of the pkgsrc package tree. Only the most recent stable branch (pkgsrc_2011Q4) has been treated. Most of the minor patches have already been committed upstream and will be part of the pkgsrc_2012Q1 branch, when it’s released (ETA is early April).

SMF support

The single major addition to pkgsrc here is the SMF support. To add a SMF manifest (and optional a method script) to a package, first start by creating a directory to hold SMF support files (none are provided with this repo by default), and point pkgsrc to it by defining SMFBASE in your mk.conf file. Keep a structure similar to that of pkgsrc itself, e.g. Apache will have SMF files stored under ${SMFBASE}/www/apache22.

By default, ‘manifest.xml’ present in the proper directory is what triggers pkgsrc into baking SMF support into the package. If ‘method’ file exists, it is assumed to hold the method script and will be included too. You can use standard substitutions inside the files (e.g. PREFIX will be substituted for the actual prefix, e.g. /opt/local).

You can override these variables:

Variable Default Description
SMFBASE none Directory to hold all SMF support files
PKG_SMF_DIR share/smf Directory to install SMF files under, relative to ${PREFIX}
SMF_NAME.pkgname ${PKGBASE} Short name of the SMF service
SMF_MANIFEST.pkgname manifest.xml Name of the manifest file
SMF_METHOD.pkgname method Name of the method script file
SMF_USER.pkgname ${ROOT_USER} User to run the SMF method under
SMF_GROUP.pkgname ${ROOT_GROUP} Group to run the SMF method under
SMF_HOME.pkgname none Initial directory to run the SMF method under

At this point, traditional *Solaris hierarchy under /var/svc is not supported yet, and SMF files will be installed under ${PREFIX}/${PKG_SMF_DIR}/${PKGBASE} always.

Look at the pk repository for examples.

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