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The guest tools for lx-brand images
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SmartOS lx-brand Guest Tools

Build Status

This repo is used to install the guest tools for lx-brand images. The guest tools are required for enabling ssh key creation and meta data (user-sript, operator-script etc.) functionality. This repo, via the script, also creates symlinks and wrapper scripts for binaries found in /native in an lx-brand zone. See below for details.


This software is still under active development and should be used with care.


To install the guest tools, run the ./ script with the -i flag specifying the install path:

./ -i /data/chroot

What Gets Installed

The script installs the following:

  • rc.local boot scripts from src/lib/smartdc
  • Symlinks to binaries found in /native. See symlinks.txt for the list of relevant binaries
  • Wrapper scripts for binaries in /native. See wrappers.txt for the list of relevant binaries
  • A custom rc.local file (/etc/rc.d/rc.local or /etc/rc.local depending on the distrubution)


Bash Style

To enusre the scripts are consistent with the Joyent style guidelines, use ./tools/bashstyle:



Tests are executed using Bats and can found in test.

To install Bats:

$ git clone
$ cd bats
$ [sudo] ./ /usr/local

Run the tests with:

bats test
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