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This repo builds a static site for SmartOS documentation. This replaces the old confluence based wiki.


There are two directories of note.

  1. docs - the markdown docs. This gets rendered to the site.
  2. confluence-export - An HTML export of the confluence content. This is for reference purposes and will likely be removed once all of the content is converted.


There are very few external dependencies. Most needed tools will be installed internally to the repo. You'll need the following available:

  • git
  • node.js (>=8)
  • python3.7
    • pip3.7
    • virtualenv3.7

It's recommended to get these from pkgsrc, but you may get them from elsewhere if you choose.

pkgin -y install git nodejs-8 python-3.7 py37-pip py37-virtualenv

After you have the external dependencies installed, install the internal dependencies

make deps


Pull requests welcome! Unlike other Joyent repositories, this repo only uses github pull requests in order to make it as easy to contribute as possible.

Please feel free to update anything that needs fixing and send us a pull request. Pull requests must pass make check before they'll be approved. Once merged, changes should show up on the live site within about five minutes.

Before submitting a pull request, you should run ensure that your changes will pass make check, and run make serve and check it with your local browser to make sure that everything looks the way you expect. Pull requests that do not pass make check will not be merged.