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OS-2109 make description of delegate_dataset more clear where the dat…

…atset will show up.
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@@ -670,8 +670,14 @@ tab-complete UUIDs rather than having to type them out for every command.
This property indicates whether we should delegate a ZFS dataset to an
- OS VM. If true, the VM will get a dataset /data which it will be able
- to manage.
+ OS VM. If true, the VM will get a dataset <zoneroot dataset>/data (by
+ default: zones/<uuid>/data) added to it. This dataset will be also be
+ mounted on /<zoneroot dataset>/data inside the zone (again by default:
+ /zones/<uuid>/data) but you can change this by setting the mountpoint
+ option on the dataset from within the zone with zfs(1M). When using
+ this option, sub-datasets can be created, snapshots can be taken and
+ many other options can be performed on this dataset from within the
+ VM.
type: boolean
vmtype: OS
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