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STOR-102 zfs cache flush and other settings are misbound

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1 parent 81c4dad commit b8e017b026c9241e033189e889ca8993fd6cc554 @wesolows wesolows committed Sep 19, 2012
Showing with 69 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +0 −3 overlay/generic/etc/system
  2. +68 −0 overlay/generic/kernel/drv/sd.conf
  3. +1 −0 overlay/generic/manifest
@@ -112,10 +112,7 @@ set idle_cpu_no_deep_c=1
* ZFS Tuning
-* DANGER! disabling of zil under review by Bill, Jerry and Ops
-* set zfs:zil_disable=1
set zfs:zfs_prefetch_disable=1
-set zfs:zfs_nocacheflush=0
* 10 GbE Tuning
set ip:ip_squeue_fanout=1
@@ -0,0 +1,68 @@
+# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
+# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
+# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
+# or
+# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
+# and limitations under the License.
+# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
+# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
+# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
+# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
+# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
+# Copyright (c) 1991, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=0 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=1 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=2 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=3 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=4 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=5 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=6 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=7 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=8 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=9 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=10 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=11 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=12 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=13 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=14 lun=0;
+name="sd" class="scsi" target=15 lun=0;
+# The following stub node is needed for pathological bottom-up
+# devid resolution on a self-identifying transport.
+name="sd" class="scsi-self-identifying";
+# Associate the driver with devid resolution.
+# Certain hardware RAID controllers have nonvolatile caches but do not
+# support the SYNC_NV bit to restrict flushes to the volatile portion of
+# the cache, if any. In order to get acceptable performance out of these
+# devices, we need to suppress cache flushing on them. In most (hopefully
+# all) cases, if the battery fails or the cache otherwise becomes volatile,
+# the controller will switch to write-through mode, and ensure that any
+# underlying drive cache is off. In this case, it should still be safe to
+# dispense with cache flush commands. Controllers for which this is not the
+# case should not be added here unless data loss and corruption are acceptable.
+ "DELL PERC H710", "cache-nonvolatile:true",
+ "DELL PERC H700", "cache-nonvolatile:true",
+ "DELL PERC/6i", "cache-nonvolatile:true";
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ f etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml 0444 root bin
f etc/resolv.conf 0644 netadm netadm
d kernel/drv 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/cpqary3.conf 0644 root sys
+f kernel/drv/sd.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cpqary3 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bnx 0755 root sys
d smartdc 0555 root bin

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