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imgadm -- manage VM images

imgadm is a tool for managing images on a local headnode or compute node. It can import and destroy local images, present information about how they're being used. To find and install new images, imgadm speaks to a server implementing the IMGAPI. The default and canonical IMGAPI server is the Joyent Images repository at

Test Suite


This can only be run in the global zone (GZ).


The src/img tree has not binary components, so you can get away with faster edit/test cycle than having to do a full smartos platform build and rebooting on it. Here is how:

# On the target SmartOS GZ (e.g. MY-SMARTOS-BOX), make /usr/img
# and /usr/man/man1m writeable for testing:
rm -rf /var/tmp/img \
    && cp -RP /usr/img /var/tmp/img \
    && mount -O -F lofs /var/tmp/img /usr/img \
    && rm -rf /var/tmp/man1m \
    && cp -RP /usr/man/man1m /var/tmp/man1m \
    && mount -O -F lofs /var/tmp/man1m /usr/man/man1m

# On a dev machine:
# Get a clone of the repo.
git clone
cd src/img

# Make edits, e.g. change the version:
vi package.json

# Build a dev install image (in /var/tmp/img-install-image)
# and rsync that to the target node.
./tools/dev-install root@MY-SMARTOS-BOX

# Test that it worked by checking for the version change:
ssh root@MY-SMARTOS-BOX imgadm --version

# Or run the test suite:
ssh root@MY-SMARTOS-BOX /var/img/test/runtests

Before commits, please (a) run the test suite on a test box per the notes above and (b) maintain style by running make check.


"/var/imgadm/imgadm.conf" is imgadm's config file. Typically it should not be edited as most configuration is done via imgadm ... commands. For example, the list of image repository (IMGAPI) "sources" is controlled via imgadm sources ....

sources         Array of image repository (IMGAPI) sources used for
                `imgadm avail`, `imgadm import`, etc. Use `imgadm sources`
                to control this value.
upgradedToVer   Automatically set by `imgadm` as it does any necessary
                internal DB migrations.
userAgentExtra  Optional string that is appended to the User-Agent header
                when talking to an IMGAPI source.
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