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# Chef Custom Bootstrap for SmartOS (GZ) Using PKG-SRC and Ruby Gems
bash -c '
<%= "export http_proxy=\"#{knife_config[:bootstrap_proxy]}\"" if knife_config[:bootstrap_proxy] -%>
## Install PKG-SRC if not present
if [ ! -d /opt/local ]; then
cd /
curl -sk | gzcat | tar -xf -
/opt/local/sbin/pkg_admin rebuild
/opt/local/bin/pkgin -y up
# Install Ruby & Gems
/opt/local/bin/pkgin -y install gcc47 gcc47-runtime scmgit-base gmake ruby193-base ruby193-yajl-ruby ruby193-nokogiri ruby193-readline pkg-config
/opt/local/bin/gem193 install --no-ri --no-rdoc ohai
/opt/local/bin/gem193 install --no-ri --no-rdoc chef <%= bootstrap_version_string %>
mkdir -p /var/chef /opt/custom/smf 2>/dev/null
## Copy in the Validation Key
cat <<'EOP'
<%= validation_key %>
) > /tmp/validation.pem
/usr/xpg4/bin/awk NF /tmp/validation.pem > /var/chef/validation.pem
rm /tmp/validation.pem
## Copy in Data Bag Secret
<% if @chef_config[:encrypted_data_bag_secret] -%>
cat <<'EOP'
<%= encrypted_data_bag_secret %>
) > /tmp/encrypted_data_bag_secret
/usr/xpg4/bin/awk NF /tmp/encrypted_data_bag_secret > /var/chef/encrypted_data_bag_secret
rm /tmp/encrypted_data_bag_secret
<% end -%>
## Copy in Client Configuration
cat <<'EOP'
validation_key "/var/chef/validation.pem"
client_key "/var/chef/client.pem"
<%= config_content %>
) > /var/chef/client.rb
## Copy in Initial Run List
cat <<'EOP'
<%= { "run_list" => @run_list }.to_json %>
) > /var/chef/first-boot.json
## Copy in the SMF XML
cat <<'EOX'
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE service_bundle SYSTEM "/usr/share/lib/xml/dtd/service_bundle.dtd.1">
<service_bundle type="manifest" name="export">
<service name="application/management/chef-client" type="service" version="0">
<create_default_instance enabled="true"/>
<dependency name="milestone" grouping="require_all" restart_on="none" type="service">
<service_fmri value="svc:/milestone/sysconfig"/>
<dependency name="fs-local" grouping="require_all" restart_on="none" type="service">
<service_fmri value="svc:/system/filesystem/local"/>
<dependency name="name-services" grouping="optional_all" restart_on="none" type="service">
<service_fmri value="svc:/milestone/name-services"/>
<dependency name="network" grouping="require_all" restart_on="restart" type="service">
<service_fmri value="svc:/milestone/network"/>
<dependency name="config-file" grouping="require_all" restart_on="refresh" type="path">
<service_fmri value="file://localhost/var/chef/client.rb"/>
<exec_method name="start" type="method" exec="/opt/local/bin/chef-client --daemonize --config /var/chef/client.rb --logfile /var/log/chef.log" timeout_seconds="60">
<method_context working_directory="/var/chef">
<method_credential user="root" group="root" />
<envvar name="PATH" value="/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/smartdc/bin:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin" />
<exec_method name="stop" type="method" exec=":kill" timeout_seconds="60"/>
<loctext xml:lang="C">Opscode Chef Client</loctext>
) > /opt/custom/smf/chef-client-pkgsrc.xml
## Process first run, if successful enable the chef-client in daemon mode.
/opt/local/bin/chef-client --config /var/chef/client.rb -j /var/chef/first-boot.json && \
/usr/sbin/svccfg import /opt/custom/smf/chef-client-pkgsrc.xml'
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