Chef Cookbooks for managing the SmartOS Global Zone
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Chef Cookbooks and tools for use with SmartOS.

This is intended for management of the Global Zone, not SmartMachines (Non-Global Zones). For cookbooks and tools to be used with SmartMachines/NGZ's, please see the joyent/smartmachine_cookbooks repository instead.

For details about how to use this repository, please refer to


  • cookbooks: Indivial SmartOS cookbooks. The "smartos" cookbook itself is considered the primary cookbooks applied to all nodes and should be the first one included in the run_list.
  • knife_bootstrap: Bootstrap templates for Knife.
  • nodes: Chef node attribute files.
  • smf: SmartOS SMF XML manifests for Chef Solo & Chef Client
  • scripts: Chef Solo bootstrap scripts to simplify deployment.

For Chef Solo users, a Makefile is included to transfer the contents of the repsitory to a web server for distribution.


These tools and cookbooks are unofficial and not supported by Joyent or its partners. Please use at your own risk.


  • Make fat client bootstrap more verbose (add echos), make pkgsrc bootstrap less verbose.
  • Sanitize and include LDAP Client cookbook
  • LWRP for managing images (imgadm)
  • LWRP improvements for user management
  • LWRP improvements for SMF management