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SmartDataCenter FAQ

Frequently asked questions about SmartDataCenter (SDC).

If you have a question, please ask on any of sdc-discuss mailing list (subscribe, archives), #smartos on the IRC network, or in a joyent/sdc issue.

Q: I already have SmartOS on my system; how do I upgrade to SDC?

A: SmartOS is designed as a standalone, single-node environment. There is no way to upgrade a SmartOS node to an SDC headnode or compute node. Instead, create a new SDC environment and provision new instances there. Once an SDC headnode is setup, you may convert a SmartOS node to an SDC compute node by booting into "noinstall" mode, destroying the storage pool, and attaching the system to the SDC networks as documented. This will destroy all existing instances and result in a new, empty SDC compute node ready for provisioning. Migration of instances from SmartOS to SDC compute nodes and between SDC compute nodes may be possible using vmadm(1m) and ZFS commands but is not a supported product feature and is not recommended.

Q: My compute node failed to setup; how can I find out what went wrong?

A: Find the IP of the compute node from the Admin UI. Obtain the compute node root password by running /usbkey/scripts/ && cat /mnt/usbkey/private/root.password.* on your headnode. Run bunyan $(svcs -L ur) on the compute node and check the output for errors. The relevant output will likely be at the tail.